I UK [stʌd] / US noun
Word forms "stud":
singular stud plural studs
1) [countable] a small piece of metal that sticks up from the surface of something, usually as a decoration

a jacket covered with metal studs

a) a small piece of jewellery on a short metal post that is worn through a part of your body

ear/nose/tongue stud

b) a small piece of metal on a short metal base that decorates or fastens clothing
2) [countable] a piece of plastic or rubber, for example on the bottom of a boot or on a tyre, that prevents slipping
3) [countable] British one of a series of slightly raised parts on a road surface that mark special areas, for example where people can cross
a) [countable] a valuable male animal with good qualities, especially a horse or a bull that people breed to produce young animals
b) a group of male horses kept together for breeding
5) [countable] informal a man who is admired for being sexually attractive and good at sex

He thinks he's such a stud.

6) [countable] a wooden support for a wall in a building
7) [uncountable] a type of poker (= card game)

seven-card stud

put out/retire to stud — to keep a male animal that no longer works for breeding

When Ebony grew too old to race they put him out to stud.

II UK [stʌd] / US verb [transitive, usually passive]
Word forms "stud":
present tense I/you/we/they stud he/she/it studs present participle studding past tense studded past participle studded
to be in many different places in an area or on the surface of something

Thousands of coloured stones studded the walls.

stud something with something:

a dark sky studded with stars

English dictionary. 2014.

, , / (for ornament), / (for a shirt-bosom)

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